Alfred Lawrence Toombs
Bankruptcy Counsel

Greenbelt Professional Center
8957 Edmonston Road, Suite A, Greenbelt, MD 20770
Phone: 301-345-1000 ~ Fax: 301-345-6780










"..The goal of our firm is to provide
prompt and individual attention to
complex legal problems while maintaining
the economics of scale of major law firms."

Alfred Lawrence Toombs

Our primary client base is credit unions, community banks and other institutional lenders.
We work with collection managers, house counsel and other bankruptcy specialists to help creditors cut their loan losses and to recover their collateral. Our fee structure is based upon time and effort expended but is value-based.

In bankruptcy courts, we will attend meetings of creditors, file lift stay motions, objections to confirmation, motions to dismiss, lift stay motions and objections to dischargeability. In state courts, we prosecute foreclosures and replevin proceedings.

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